Why Alumni Matters

Business Opportunities Built on Relationships

Similar to a family, when you have spent time and shared experiences together you form a common bond. Many of these bonds develop through your shared experiences in school. If you feel a strong connection to your alma mater and value your alumni relationships, then alumni matters to you. The Alumni Matters platform was created as a vehicle that you can use to support and help your alumni be successful in their businesses. If you own a business, you can add it to the platform for free and allow alumni consumers to easily find your business using the search tool. Through your alumni relationships, consumers feel a sense of trust in your business, which they can validate with reviews on the platform. There is no other platform today that brings alumni and business together like 


Congratulate your fellow alums on their business ventures and celebrate their successes with postings in our social network, Alumni Circles


Support your fellow alumni businesses by sharing expertise, mentoring other business owners, and buying their products and services

Do Business Together

Identify business opportunities among your alumni network. Use our search tool to find alumni businesses that matter to you and do business with them